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The KeyShot Mission

To empower better design decisions.

We provide the most easy-to-use 3D design solutions that integrate seamlessly across platforms, teams and organizations.

What is KeyShot?

KeyShot is a suite of 3D visualization tools preferred by industrial designers, graphic designers, engineers, CG specialists, photographers, and marketing professionals around the world. KeyShot’s intiutive software breaks down the complexity of making photo-realistic images and animations from 3D digital data.

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Brothers Henrik and Claus Jensen

Founded by the brothers Henrik and Claus Wann Jensen, KeyShot’s groundbreaking technology was the first real-time ray tracing software application to use a physically correct render engine based on scientific research in material representation and global illumination.

Who Uses KeyShot?

If you’ve seen an image in an advertisement, you’ve seen a KeyShot visual.

But KeyShot goes way beyond marketing. Our software is used throughout the world’s largest electronics, areospace, CPG, beauty, manufacturing, automotive, clothing, footwear, jewelry companies, and many more. Workers in the functions of industrial design, product design, engineering, packaging and marketing use KeyShot every day.

KeyShot for Students

Students at premier design schools around the world know: You need KeyShot as a skill on your resume. We offer a special discount for current students.

KeyShot Around the World

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Costa Mesa, USA
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Our Teams

Who works at KeyShot? Our small but mighty team is made up of industrial designers, software engineers, and 3D rendering experts who have worked in the industry for decades.

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