XO3D is committed to creating stunning 3D assets that redefine the way consumers think. By employing today’s leading CGI technology, the company has created a unique and innovative way to communicate and visualize content. XO3D has developed creative marketing content for businesses of every shape and size, such as D’addario, Walden Watches, and more.

After five years, the company has quickly grown and now boasts a team of seven creative designers that produce stunning visual marketing content for some of today’s most exclusive brands.

Modeling software used: 3ds Max

What’s the inspiration behind XO3D?

The company actually began as more of a side project between two closely connected colleagues with the goal to build a design portfolio to apply for jobs. However, while sharing a glass of Hennessy XO one night, the two decided to go one step further and take a stab at creating their own company, and XO3D was conceived.

What’s XO3D’s approach to working on visual projects?

We’ve had our trials and errors like every new company out there. Over the years, our experience has taught us to approach every project by being as detailed and organized as possible in terms of processes. These days, we’re very strict about expectations and keeping our client’s vision in mind from day one. This ensures XO3D is able to take every project from the concept stage to completion successfully, delivering the best possible product and exceeding expectations.

What problems did XO3D face early on?

One of the biggest hurdles in the industry is creating visually striking 3D or CGI marketing images that don’t cost clients an arm and a leg in terms of the rendering process. That’s why XO3D employs KeyShot for all our final rendering needs. Recently, we’ve also branched out into special effects and simulation, so there’s now additional software added to our workflow alongside KeyShot.

However, we’re happy to be part of the company’s beta-testing program, which is always working to meet the changing needs of the creative marketing industry and develop software more in-line with designers’ needs.

What are some notable projects you’ve used KeyShot on?

Our website boasts a lot of projects that have employed KeyShot in one way or another. Since KeyShot has been one of our primary rendering engines in recent years due to its speed and usability for high-end products, we’ve begun incorporating it much more into our workflow and encouraging our team to use it. One of the more recent projects we employed KeyShot on was for our client Smarter AM, its iKettle product in particular, which is actually featured in KeyShot’s homepage video.

How has utilizing KeyShot helped XO3D save time, money, and enhance quality for your clients?

One of the foremost advantages for XO3D when using KeyShot has been the software’s ability to efficiently produce custom HDRIs where users are also able to add pins (both light and dark) to develop a unique, striking form of product lighting. Other rendering software out there simply doesn’t have the same processing speed when compared to KeyShot, which enables us to produce high-quality images quite quickly. It’s important to note, however, that any models you want to render with the software need to be perfect so you can take full advantage of its features. That’s where XO3D’s design team shines. Additionally, KeyShot has an innovative renormalizing tool that we haven’t found in other high-quality rendering software.

XO3D is proud to be a part of the KeyShot community. We believe that the software can truly help create more high-quality visuals of the final product!

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